fare-wel'-ing (n.)

  • Celebrating a beautiful life, beautifully. 
  • Formerly “funeral,” “death,” “dying” or “end of life.”

  • Sophie wants an eco-friendly farewelling in a beautiful garden.
  • Edward shared his Farewelling File with his family, just in case.
  • We'll never forget Carolina's farewelling--the music, the memories, every detail was just what she would've wanted.

Well, hi. We’re glad you asked, because we’re trying to change how America looks at, feels towards, and talks about (or doesn’t talk about!) funerals and dying. We hope you’ll agree that “farewelling” speaks to a more positive perspective on a key human experience we all share. 
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We're here for you.

Arranging a farewelling (formerly "funeral”) may be something you need or want to do right now. If so, we're ready to help with a clickable checklist, articles to guide you, and a connection to local providers.

Real talk, guidance & inspiration for every part of the farewelling journey.

Planning a farewelling for someone you love is a way to honor their values and their style. Thinking about your own farewelling helps you live your best now.  And mindful grief practices bring comfort, balance and wellbeing.

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Farewelling founder Karen Bussen hosts celebs, experts, and regular folks on a groundbreaking interview show to get us talking more openly about death...and life.  
Dr BJ Miller and Shoshana Berger on Redesigning Death
What happens when a revered palliative care physician and a brilliant creative thinker put their talents together? One of the most influential books on end of life planning. Ever. Karen talks with the duo about A Beginner's Guide to the End: Practical Advice for Living Life and Facing Death.
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Humans of Farewelling

A rainbow of delightful and talented humans make up the Farewelling team. Some of us are creatives, some techies, a few are super-businessy, and a couple are good at pretty much everything, or at least willing to jump in the deep end! But despite our diverse backgrounds and skills, we all have one thing in common--a passion for helping people navigate this last frontier of human experience with positivity and personality.
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